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Addiction Resources

Addiction Resources

Our peer recovery navigators offer guidance and support for addicts and alcoholics across the country. With endless addiction resources at our disposal, we provide placement in the best drug rehab programs available. We have recommended specialists standing by to assess each individual so that you're receiving the most effective level of care for your situation.

Are you a loved one of an addict or alcoholic? We're experts at intervention planning and making sure that the intervention is successful. We are certified and experienced in this area. For families that are searching for extra help in keeping your loved one sober, we offer relapse prevention resources, sober coaching as well as parental resources which help you engage and understand where your loved one is at physically and spiritually. If a client does not have the means to enter treatment, we offer scholarships upon availability through our working relationship with rehabs in the industry.

As a complete addiction resource center, we offer job assistance for qualified individuals along with nutritional assistance (SNAP) registration, life skills training, self care, employment assistance, transportation to recovery-related appointments, resume building, interviewing skills and much more.

Many addicts and alcoholics become addicted at an early age and never fully have the opportunity to finish school, build a career, or obtain basic life skills. Others find themselves losing many things to addiction and the thought of having to rebuild their lives seems almost impossible.

Our addiction resources and support begin at the inpatient/PHP level of care and continue until clients complete treatment, and are designed to provide the personalized guidance for a path to success.

For Addiction Professionals

For Addiction Professionals

Whether you're a treatment facility, IOP, or sober living looking to improve your quality of care, streamline your operations, increase revenues/growth, revamp management, consulting for certifications, or marketing, we provide it all with a personalized twist.

With regulations constantly changing, licensure requirements evolving, and quality assurance becoming more important, it's essential to have an outside set of eyes that is making sure your business runs smoothly and effectively.

We're able to come in at a moment's notice and provide training in all areas so your business can be on the path to success. Our focus is on a team-driven approach that includes business development and team coaching so that everyone is on the same page.

Reach Out For Help Now

Contact us around the clock to speak with a recommended specialist. We're standing by for your call.

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Our Mission

Reducing the prevalence of substance abuse in our communities is the ultimate goal of A WAY AND MEANS. We understand the pain and misery that addiction brings, that's why we've worked hard to build relationships with the top treatment programs in Florida and across the country. By offering addiction resources and treatment center recommendations, we hope that every addict and alcoholic will have an opportunity to recover.

We're also passionate about making sure that all businesses in the substance abuse industry (Rehabs, IOP's, Halfway Houses) are operated ethically and efficiently. As a premier provider of marketing, management, and consulting services, we're uniquely positioned to assist individuals suffering from addiction and the professionals that are there to help.

Why Choose Us?

With our years of hard-earned experience, we know that you want to make sure you're working with a company that knows what they are doing. Whether you're searching for help for your addiction, are the parent or loved one of an addict, or a rehabilitation center looking to improve operations, we're here to help. Starting with certified interventionists, peer recovery navigators, and medical assistants, to addiction professionals, consultants, and marketing strategists, our staff is built with the strength of success.

Discover the difference of working with a company that has your best interest in-mind at all times. If you're growing, prospering, and succeeding, then so are we. That's our mission; to help others live sober, productive, and rewarding lives.