aftercare addiction resources

Setting up a person that is leaving drug treatment with great aftercare is one of the most important steps in securing sobriety. Many newly sober individuals are vulnerable to relapsing and negative outside influence when transitioning back into society. We want to bridge the gap between addiction treatment and learning to manage your daily responsibilities.

Strong aftercare includes setting up treatment in an intensive outpatient (IOP) program along with placement in sober living housing. Intensive outpatient, also known as IOP, is a lower level of care where clients attend group and individual therapy throughout the week. Usually three days a week is recommended until the person is bumped down to outpatient which requires treatment one day per week. This ensures a smooth transition back into daily life while still receiving the necessary counseling to continue building a solid foundation for recovery.

aftercare addiction resources

Aftercare Addiction Resources

During the aftercare phase of a client’s recovery, we are always available as a support and guide. Sober living is the most effective way to regain the life skills necessary to succeed after finishing drug treatment. As a complete addiction resource center, we offer job assistance for qualified individuals along with nutritional assistance (SNAP) registration, transportation to recovery-related appointments, and much more. These resources make your stay in a sober home comfortable and relieve stress so you can focus on your personal growth.

Creating an Aftercare Plan

Maneuvering the different steps needed to create a strong aftercare plan is based on experience and an evidence-based approach. This is best handled by professionals that have the right resources in place to assist you. Our peer recovery navigators have years of experience in helping addicts and alcoholics in staying sober after leaving drug rehab. We will help you establish a relapse prevention plan so that you know what to do when dealing with drug and alcohol cravings. We’re always there to take your phone call and have sober coaches standing by to offer our guidance and expertise to strengthen your recovery journey.

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