betsy dieujuste

Treatment centers and sober homes can equip and empower men and women to successfully transition back into society after treatment. The question is…HOW? The current relapse rate tells us that we have not done a great job transitioning our patients. The reason is that many providers are swinging at a piñata praying that they land on the magic spot.

Many well-intentioned addiction professionals and treatment center owners have asked themselves, “What resources should individuals be equipped with in order to transition successfully back into society?” Who can better give insight into this problem than Betsy Dieujuste?

Few men and women have successfully traveled this road and become successful and though she isn’t a drug addict, her struggles were parallel. I know you’re probably wondering, “How can someone who has not actually experienced addiction, give insight on this serious problem.”

Well, let’s meet Betsy Dieujuste, the founder, and CEO of A WAY AND MEANS. Much of her life has been a model and a personal testament for treatment center owners and sober homes.

Betsy had humble beginnings.

She and her family still to this day provide missionary work for her native country, Haiti. Her family has been doing missions, feeding, and clothing those who are in need for Betsy’s entire life. Helping others has been a huge part of who she is and who she was created to be. Her parents taught her to be compassionate towards others and do all you can to help.

Unfortunately, as Betsy Dieujuste got older she began to lean towards a life of crime. Betsy began to associate with the wrong crowd; they were selling drugs and it took her on a huge tailspin that caused her multiple run-ins with the police and being arrested.

Betsy ended up receiving a 3 1/2 years minimum mandatory prison sentence. Although Betsy was sentenced and facing time, she was released on an appeal bond (which is very rare). While she was out on an appeal bond, she knew only two things…she could either have faith or give up. She stood the risk of building her life back up and after 2 years getting a response from the court of appeals saying she had to go back to prison, that’s a scary truth to understand.

It was at that time that she recalled her upbringing and what was instilled in her as a young child and that was to help others. Betsy was taught to serve those who are in need and lift them up. However, her logic of helping others stemmed from the surroundings that led to her arrest. She began to pray and meditate daily about her life’s purpose. As she began to seek direction for her life, she received a call from her lawyer two years and three months later, while still on appeal bond, stating that her conviction was overturned. It was then she decided to jump in full force being part of the solution and not the problem.

She has committed herself to serving her community.

Betsy Dieujuste knows and always tries to show through action the importance of putting the individual first, for showing love, care and empathy for each individual and to never let the primary purpose of helping others get pushed to the sidelines. She’s a certified interventionist, an experienced peer recovery navigator, and licensed by the state of Florida as a Substance Abuse Marketing Service Provider.

Besides consulting professionals in the addiction treatment industry to become better service providers, Betsy also owns Be La Vie Studios. With an emphasis on empowerment, it is a dance and fitness center that offers everything from free fitness classes to classes for mom’s to be! At her studio, life coaching sessions (group and individual) are offered as a unique method of strengthening your personal recovery from drugs/alcohol and rebuilding your life. On top of all of that she pushes her giving side even further, Betsy Dieujuste has always been known to give people a chance especially when it comes to employment. Whether it’s her helping with job training skills or finding room within her own team; if someone is truly trying she does her utmost to give them the chances she was given.

Her chance was rare but she never took it for granted, she believes that everyone deserves that same chance of freedom, all they have to do is the next right thing. Her mission will always be to help others live sober, productive, and rewarding lives.