Betsy Dieujuste

The Truth About Patient Brokering and Halfway Houses

There has been a lot in the news recently about patient brokering and halfway houses. The addiction treatment industry is the target of many investigations, especially the South Florida area. The Sober Home Task Force supervised by Palm Beach County District Attorney Dave Aronberg has charged numerous sober home operations with crimes, mostly centering around patient brokering.

One of those ind...

Couples Friendly Sober Living Florida

Couples Friendly Sober Living Florida

Couples are often encouraged to separate during the early recovery process, but we don’t believe that’s always necessary. Depending on the situation, couples can stick together after completing a drug rehab program and when entering a sober living home. If both partners are committed to their recovery, then the right level of structure and stability will help the relationship. We offer placement i...

transitional living in south florida

Transitional Living in South Florida

What’s transitional living? For addicts and alcoholics looking to recover, making the decision to enter a transitional living home is one of the best choices to make. Transitional living homes, also known as sober living (or halfway houses), offer structure and stability for those addicted to drugs and alcohol. Once you’ve come off the drugs, it’s not easy to stay sober the first few months. We we...

sober living pompano beach

Sober Living Pompano Beach FL

There are many sober homes to choose from in South Florida, how do you find the right one that suits you? Our network of trusted resources includes sober living in Pompano Beach FL for men and women. These transitional living homes are safe and structured to provide an effective platform to strengthen the early recovery process. With years of experience in the addiction treatment industry, specifi...