Couples Friendly Sober Living Florida

Couples are often encouraged to separate during the early recovery process, but we don’t believe that’s always necessary. Depending on the situation, couples can stick together after completing a drug rehab program and when entering a sober living home. If both partners are committed to their recovery, then the right level of structure and stability will help the relationship. We offer placement in couples halfway houses throughout Palm Beach County, Florida, along with the Broward and Miami areas.

Our couples friendly sober living in Florida focuses on offering a safe haven for addicts and alcoholics in long-term relationships. We assess each couple that’s interested in entering the sober homes in our network. If you’re in a “rehab romance” then we don’t believe this is a good fit for couples sober living. However, if you’re in a long-term and committed relationship, then our beautiful couples friendly sober living in Florida is only a phone call away!

Couples Friendly Sober Living Florida

Couples Friendly Halfway Houses Florida

With halfway houses throughout Florida that are couples friendly, we are a provider of sober homes that focus on the well-being of each resident. The cornerstone of our success lies in supervision and management of every sober home in our network. A balance of freedom and accountability is needed for addicts in early recovery to flourish and succeed. We drug and alcohol screen our residents on a weekly basis to ensure the atmosphere is substance free and safe for everyone.

Another focus of our couples sober living in Florida is the comfort of each person. Our rooms include flat screen TV’s along with high-speed Wi-Fi so each resident can stay connected with the world as they work on their personal recovery. Couples are given the opportunity to live together in the same room and must keep their space clean at all times. The household as a whole has chores to fulfill so that the environment is pleasant and conducive to recovery. If you and your partner are interested in couples friendly sober living Florida, don’t hesitate to contact us for the latest bed openings and availability.

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