family reunification after drug rehab

To understand the importance of family reunification as it relates to the disease of addiction, we must first break down the word itself. Reunification means to unify and bring back together. When a child or loved one is sent away to treatment, whether it’s a detox or inpatient rehab, it’s a good time for the family to prepare for their loved ones return. He/she will now be clean and sober, but there is often a lot of unresolved anger, resentments, and mistrust between family members.

family reunification after drug rehab

Family Reunification After Drug Rehab

We’re here to assist in family reunification of a client with his/her family after completing addiction treatment. Our goal is to be a unifying force and a channel for bringing the family relationship back together. With a team of experienced recovery navigators, A WAY AND MEANS makes the transition from drug treatment into sober living or back into the family home as smooth as possible.

Our services provide a unifying piece that is often lacking in the transition between drug treatment and reintegration into the real world. We are the instrument that brings clients back together with their families. Our reunification specialists identify the stressors that have impacted the relationship between the client and family members. We offer solution-focused advice, guidance, as well as literature and workshops during the transition period to ensure a successful reintegration back into the family structure and dynamics.

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