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For loved ones of an addict or alcoholic that is refusing to get help, setting up an intervention can be the solution to getting your loved one into a drug rehab. Watching your family members or friends life spiral into destruction as a result of substance abuse and not being able to do anything about it is very difficult. An intervention empowers you to take the necessary steps in encouraging your loved one to enter a treatment facility.

Finding a Certified Interventionist

An intervention should assist the addict in realizing the grave nature of his/her addiction and encourage the acceptance of help from family members. For the intervention to be successful, a certified interventionist should facilitate the process and plan the intervention from start to finish. This trained individual is able to moderate the flow of the conversation because high emotions may arise during the process. A certified interventionist is trained in conflict resolution, understanding complex family systems and walking loved ones through the experience so that the end result will be the addict/alcoholic accepting the offer of help and assistance.

Certified interventionist

Successful Intervention Planning

Our certified interventionists at A WAY AND MEANS have years of experience in executing successful drug and alcohol interventions. The intervention planning process gives everyone a role that will be sitting down with the addict/alcoholic. Depending on the situation, those attending the meeting will need to write letters beforehand to the addict which will be reviewed than read aloud during the intervention.

The individuals involved must prepare themselves emotionally and mentally for an intervention because it is a high-charged emotional experience. Often, the whole meeting is a “surprise” to the addict and it may take some convincing to get the person to attend treatment (the interventionist also helps with this).

If you’re interested in speaking about setting up a drug or alcohol intervention, contact our A WAY AND MEANS certified interventionists for a risk-free consultation. We’re here to help your family overcome the battle with substance abuse.

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