personal sober coaches

How can sober coaches help you or your loved one avoid relapse? It’s a strength-based support system where a trained recovery coach works with an addict/alcoholic. The goal is to help remove obstacles and barriers to maintaining long-term recovery. This is done by promoting recovery in a positive light by helping change a person’s attitudes and behaviors as they relate to staying sober. Our A WAY AND MEANS sober coaches take each client through a journey of self-discovery that is very effective when someone needs outside help and guidance.

personal sober coaches

Finding a Sober Coach

There are many services and companies that offer sober coaching and companionship, how are we any different? Here at A WAY AND MEANS, we focus on a proven model of recovery and our desired outcome for each client is to improve his/her quality of life. We treat every person uniquely and personalize each experience to ensure the maximum benefit for that individual.

Our personal sober coaches provide face-to-face sessions along with video chat via Skype and are always available by phone. Take advantage of a one-on-one solution focused approach to building the necessary skills for long-term recovery. If you or a loved one are limited by time but are searching for a solution that will help you stay on track and assist in changing negative behaviors, then having a personal sober coach could be the answer. For more information on finding a sober coach that is right for you or your loved one, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you need detox or drug rehab services, we can provide recommendations and placement into these programs as well.

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