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We have years of experience in placing addicts and alcoholics in the appropriate sober homes for their situation. The sober living facilities that we work with are safe, structured, and comfortable. This is because we believe in making the recovery experience pleasant instead of difficult. You should enjoy yourself in recovery and reap the benefits of being clean and sober. While the structure is very important and provides much-needed accountability in an addict’s life, there should also be a balance of freedom. Whether you’re just coming out of drug rehab or simply want to get your life back on track, our South Florida sober living solutions can be the answer. We work with sober homes in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and the Miami area.

sober living florida

Finding Sober Living in Florida

Once you’ve entered sober living, it’s important to be responsible for your own actions. A structured recovery environment teaches addicts and alcoholics to be accountable when making decisions. With the right balance of supervision and freedom to make your own choices, sober living can provide the building blocks for self-sufficiency. A WAY AND MEANS proudly manages sober homes in Florida and out-of-state with a focus on keeping clients clean and sober. We place those needing a halfway house in an atmosphere conducive to maintaining sobriety.

We proudly manage sober homes better than anyone else by providing every resident with unique resources for success. When you’re living in a sober home managed by us or our affiliates, you can expect job assistance for qualified individuals along with nutritional assistance (SNAP) registration, transportation to recovery-related matters, and much more.

We’re big believers in regular drug and alcohol testing, especially in early recovery. This can be a deterrent to stay sober as a person builds their coping skills and relapse prevention techniques. If you’re searching for a sober home that has a resident’s well-being as their number one priority, contact A WAY AND MEANS so we can place you in the right halfway house. We welcome you to tour the different locations in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County across South Florida so you find the perfect one. If you become unhappy once moved in, it’s not a problem to choose a different sober home.

Sober Living in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami

There is a difference between sober living and a halfway house and we offer placement in both housing arrangements. Sober living is structured for addicts and alcoholics that have some clean time under their belt, while a halfway house has a higher level of supervision and is recommended for newly sober individuals.

Our vast selection of sober homes we work with ensures we have something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in being walking distance from twelve-step meetings, close proximity to the beach and ocean, or a vibrant downtown area with job opportunities, our South Florida sober living destinations are sure to please. Reach out today for more information on finding the perfect sober home in Florida.

Want to Join Our Team?

If you have a significant amount of clean time and are working an active program of recovery, you may be eligible to become part of our team! We’re always looking to add fresh talent to our team of experienced staff members. We are interested in hiring competent house managers to help us supervise sober homes managed by A WAY AND MEANS and our affiliates. If you think you’ve got what it takes, contact us to apply or click here for more information.

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