Transitional Living in South Florida

What’s transitional living? For addicts and alcoholics looking to recover, making the decision to enter a transitional living home is one of the best choices to make. Transitional living homes, also known as sober living (or halfway houses), offer structure and stability for those addicted to drugs and alcohol. Once you’ve come off the drugs, it’s not easy to stay sober the first few months. We welcome men, women, and couples that are serious about staying sober for the long run. With the help of a sober home, this process is made easier because of the accountability and drug testing that is done at our transitional living in South Florida.

transitional living in south florida

Transitional Living Palm Beach County

At A WAY AND MEANS, we’ve been successfully managing transitional living homes throughout Palm Beach County and South Florida for many years. We understand the formula for helping residents avoid relapse. This involves management supervision and weekly drug/alcohol screening. However, this doesn’t mean that your freedoms are restricted. We treat everyone like adults and you must be responsible for your own actions. There is no hand-holding at sober homes managed by A WAY AND MEANS. Our focus is on offering safe and comfortable transitional living in South Florida.

As a full-service addiction resource center, we also help addicts and alcoholics in finding employment so you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible. We understand the struggles of early recovery and offer unique services to make it easier to overcome these challenges. Transitional living in Palm Beach County is a prime destination to rebuild your life. With sunny skies around the year and comfortable temperatures, what better place to recover and reinvent yourself? Allow us addiction specialists to navigate and guide you to the best transitional living homes in South Florida. Take the courageous step to long-term recovery today by giving us a call.

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